13 Sms Of Insult

GALILEO : great mind.
EINSTEIN : genius mind.
NEWTON : extra-ordinary mind.
STEVE JOBS: brilliant mind.
YOU : Never mind.

My darling,
My lover,
My beautiful wife,
Marrying you really messed up my life…

From Mon to Sun,
From Jan to Dec,
From birth till my death,
My feelings for u have never changed.
For me, you’ve always been
……….a headache!.

Birds love you, monkeys love you, hippos love you,
Snakes love you, tortoise love you, giraffe loves you…..
Please go back to ZOO, they all really miss U!.

I love your smile, your face, and your eyes
Damn, I’m good at telling lies!
Kind, intelligent, loving and hot,
This describes everything you are not!

Government has introduced a new rule…
Good looking people should be thrown out of country!!! U r safe..oh! No where should I Hide???.

Your face looks like you’ve been using it as a doorstop.

Anybody who told you to be yourself simply couldn’t have given you worse advice…

Clouds r white but the sky is blue,
Monkey like u should b kept in the zoo,
Dont get angry ull find me there too,
Not in the cage but laughing at u. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Today, tommorow and yesterday
There will be one heart that would
Always beat for you. You know Whose? Your Own, Stupid!!!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet, and so are you.
But the roses are wilting,
The violets are dead,
The sugar bowl’s empty and so is your head.

Brains aren’t everything. In fact in your case they’re nothing.

Hey friend remember dat without stupidity there can be no wisdom
& without ugliness there can be no beauty..
So the world needs YOU after all!

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