Good Luck SMS

Sending u a GOOD LUCK CHARM May riches shine on u Good Luck Dear!

Luck is not in ur hands, but work is, ur work can make ur luck Good day, Good luck

Difficulties do not come 2 destroy U, bt 2 help U realize ur hidden power Gd Look

Success is never permanent.
Failure is never final.
so always do not stop effort
until your victory makes a history.
Good luck

Past is your experience,
Present is your experiment,
Future is your expectation.
Use your experience in your
Experiments to get your expectations
Best of Luck!

start the work in the name of god, do the work with the help of god finish the work thanks to god, b’coz he decides, gives and makes everything possible. Good luck.

Even a stopped clock..
Tells the the correct time,
Twice a day….
Think of this
And lead your life.
Good luck

Don’t be afraid of pressure,
remember that PRESSURE IS what turns lumps of COAL into DIAMOND.
Best of Luck

A Young man’s attitude towards life helps to determine this altitude. Good luck to you my dear

/ l’,’.
_/ _.l.’_’.___
, _,_/,_’>,_,_,_,_,_,/_
I wish everything sails…
smoothly for you
tomorrow &
for ever
Good Luck to u.

Meaning of some colors
Yellow for Special Friend,
White 4 Peace,
Orange 4 Luck,v Black 4 Hate,
Red for love
Pink for likeness,
So I choose for you Orange Flower.
Wish u Good Luck.

With my one Heart and two eyes.
With my
1 Heart. n 2 eyes
5 liter blood
206 bones
1.2million Red Cells
60 trillion D.N.A.’s
I wish you ” GOOD LUCK”.

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Jusu koroma says:

I love all the sms

Bryton says:

What an massive touchy messages!

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