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Heres a little hug for you to make you smile when youre blue, to make you happy if youre sad, to let you know life aint so bad!

It is easier to be a lover than a husband for the simple reason that it is more difficult to be witty every day than to say pretty things from time to time.

See the sky you’ll see God’s face,
See the rain you will dance once again,
See the moon you will see the depth of lake.
Now see the mirror and youll see the god cutest mistake.

Love is temporary insanity curable by marriage.

U call it madness, bt i call it love.

2 love and be loved is 2 feel da sun 4rm both sides.

You can’t put a price tag on love, but you can on all its accessories.

Respectable people do not write music or make love as a career.

To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead.

Love is the delightful interval between meeting a beautiful girl and discovering that she looks like a haddock.

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