10 Funny Text Messages

Q: What do people who don’t like time on their hands use?
A: A pocket watch.

Q: Where do computers go to dance?
A: To a disc-o.

Q: Why aren’t there any giraffes in the elementary school?
A: Obviously, they are all in the High School.

Q: Which month do soldiers hate the most?
A: March

Q: What did the mason say to the wall?
A: One more crack like that and I will plaster you with cement.

Q: Why do golfers always carry an extra pant?
A: In case, they get a hole in one.

Q: What was the reason for the computer to break up with the internet?
A: There was no “connection.”

Q: Why did the man leave his job at the juice factory?
A: Because, he could not concentrate.

Q: Why did the production line-man put a clock under his desk?
A: To work over-time.

Q: Which key opens doors on Thanksgiving?
A: Turkey.

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