Text Sms Of Friendship

Longest Love Is Mothers Love….
Shortest Love Is Others Love….
Sweetest Loves Is Lovers Love…
But Strongest Love Is Friends Love…
Like U & Me……………………..

One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.”
— Euripides (408 B.C.)

Treat your friends as you do your pictures and put them in the best light.”

If u drop me, i ‘ll break, If u hold me, i ‘ll shake, If u need me, i’ll hurry, If u don’t call me, i ‘ll worry, If u hurt me, i’ll cry, but friend , If u leave me, i ‘ll die…

Love is temporary…but friends are forever.”
Kelly Wheeler

Friendship is like a relation between the hand and eyes, its like when the hand gets hurt the eyes cries and when the eyes cries the hand wipes its tears.

A good friend finds it harder to hold a pencil than to hold a grudge.”

The rain may be falling hard outside,
But your smile makes it all alright.
I’m so glad that you’re my friend.
I know our friendship will never end.

A is 1
B is 2
C is 3
Z is 26 then
Interesting hai naa…
Friendship is 2
Stronger than Love…

Bridge of friendship
This is a bridge of friendship, when u r sad & lonely, cross it.
I’ll wait on the other side. If u r afraid just tell me, i’ll cross it for YOU!
Cool mind

Friends are like stars. You can’t always see them, But you know they are always there for you…

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