Friendship Text Messages

1 Rose exclusively 4 a nice person like u from an ever nice person like me. Keep the Rose until it Dry…Keep my relationship until I Die .

We will be friends… as longs as stars twikle in the sky …. As long as angels there up high… till oceans run dry and till the day I die

When does a friend become a best friend?
When his dialouge, “I care for you” converts into “I will kill you if you don’t care for me”

Sweetness can be defined without honey. Fragnance can be defined without Rose. But, friendship can’t be defined without YOU.

Heart beat are countless, spirits are ageless, dreams r endless, memories are timeless and a friend like u is Useless….. Oops! Sorry Yaar, Priceless

There is no distance too far between best friends, for friendship gives wings to the heart.

Friends and Friendship it’s a package of
nobody can “Make” it.
nobody can “Break” it.
nobody can ” Explain” it.
only “me” and “you” can “Feel” it.

Feeling of love + Moment of caring + small small sharing + stupid fights + shoulder to cry + to be together in pain creates a miracle called “FRIENDSHIP”

Every time i hear a msg tone, I always hope 1 of them comes from U…My simcard has a limited Memory.. But my simheart has Unlimited space 4 U

Friendship id like standing on wet cement…the longer u stand the harder it is to leave…and even if u leave…u always leave ur foot prints behind

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