Friendship SMS

Small Anger
Silly Fights
Simple SMS’s
Serious Jokes
Sensitive Feelings
Senseless Speak
Milion Sorrys …
Mixture of all the above is wh8 V Call

Last Night GOD Gave Me 2 Choices,
Either To Have A Close Friend Like You,
To Have Excellent Memory!!!
I Don’t Remember..
What I Choose..;->

My friend u r
Hard like nokia”
Slim like samsung”
Shiny like LG
Smart like motorolla”
Voice like sony ericson
BUT untrusted
“china mobile”:->

Don’t Try To
Have Friend Who Can
Achieve Great Heights,
Have A Friend
Who Can Hold When
You Fall From
The Greatest Height.. !!

I love you …
but am not your lover.
I care for you…
but am not from your family ….
I am ready to share your pain…
but am not in your blood relation.
I am.your…….FRIEND!!!!!
True friend scolds like a DAD…. Cares like a MOM….Teases like a SISTER… Irritates like a BROTHER… and finally loves U more than a LOVER

The Sweetest Souls
In You
Are Your
They Are Your

1+1=2 Eyes looking at u,
3+2=5 sense missing u,
4+3=7 days thinking of u,
5+7=12 months dremin abt u,
bt 99+1=100 yrs i need a sweet friend like u
Happy friendship day

Few Moments In
F. R. I. E. N. D. S. H. I. P 🙂
Frndz Walking Wid U Holding Ur Hands
Lying On Frnd’s Shoulder
Hugging Frnd In Happiness or Difficult Situation
Grabbin Frnd’s Food n Eating
Spending 4 Frndz n Spending Frnd’s Money
Tears Within or In Our Eyes, On Seeing Tears In Frnd’s Eyes
Roaming, Picnic Wid Frndz
Fights, Arguments Wid Him Ending Up In More Understandings… (:

W h E r E v E r
Y o U
a R e ,
I t
I s
Y o U r
F r I e N d S
W h O
m A k E
y O u R
w O r L d … (=

gOoD aNd SiNcErE fRiEnDs
In OuR lIvEs Is LiKe
ThE iMpOrTaNcE oF hEaRtBeAtS !
ThEy ArE nOt ViSiBlE,
ThEy SiLeNtLy SuPpOrT oUr LiFe….!

Which friend am i to U?

PeopLe say its diffiCult to get gUd FrIends..
NaturaLLy bCOz the Gud oNes likE mE r aLready uRs!
And the greAt Ones liKe u r aLready mINE! 🙂

Friends are like colour pencils, they colour our lives, I may not be your favourite COLOUR , But hope you will need me some where to complete ur picture !

You Are my pillar ; my stone of strength.
With me through all seasons & great times of lenght.
My love for you is pure boundless through space & time,
It grows stronger everyday with the knowledge that youll”ll be mine.
At the altar i will joyously say ‘I do’,
For i have it all now & it’s all because of you.
The only thing i want is to be with you.
I always pray to ”GOD”, To make thsi wish come true.
So that i can live my life with you.
so that i can be yours till etrenity.
I just wish that this wish comes true.
I just wish that this wish comes true.

Flowerz Of Friendship
Never Gives Up,
Its A Promise Made Forever.
It Brings Happiness To
The Heart & Mind
Makes Every
Dream Come Alive … =]

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Sudhakar Parihar says:

All iz well frndz

Sudhakar Parihar says:

Heart Touching Shayari

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