Friendship SMS

Friendship and Love are medicine
for any kind of pain
be sure that there is no medicine
in the world
for pain given by Love and Friendship.

This is a friendship bridge
when you are sad and lonely
just cross this bridge
on the other side of this bridge
always and all the tie I am waiting for you.

My friendship is nothing but a round,
Wandering why?
Because it has no end

Every Life In This World
Is Painted By GOD.
I am Thankful To Him
Because When He
Painted My Life
Beautiful Colour
Like U…..
As My Friend.

A friend is someone
who understands your past,
believes in your future,
and accepts you just the way you are.

crush it,
twist it,
squeez it,
beat it to pulp;
all that u’ll get only

Friends should b like zero.
when u add,
they r same.
when u subtract,
they r same.
when u multiply,
they r same.
when u try to divide,
they become INFINITY.

To meet a Friend
Like you
Is like ,
The delight of rain
After a long Drought 🙂

Heart is like a crystal preserve it,
love is like a perfume spread it,
feelings are like flood flow it,
Friendship is like umbrella come lets share it.

“Flower Turns 2 Fruit
Fruit Cant Turns To Flower”
Just Think
Friendship May Turns 2 Love
Love Cant Turns 2 Friendship.

One day my brain asked me “Y R U SENDING MSGs
to that person who is not messaging u?
but my little “HEART” said to brain
“U” NEED msgs but i need “FRIENDSHIP”

~ A Wish For A Sweet Friend ~
May The Sun Always Shine
On Your Windowpane
May A Rainbow Be Certain
To Follow Each Rain
May The Hand Of A Friend
Always Be Near You
May God Fill Your Heart
With Gladness To Cheer You

A moment of joy spent
under a willow,
The tear of eye that
wets your pillow,
Sometimes pain
Sometimes pleasure
When given by Friends,
Both are treasure !

The 1 who holds Ur hand
every time when U need support,
is surely a Good Friend
A true Friend is 1 Who
holds Ur hand more
tightly when U say
“Leave Me Alone”

The 10 qualities of perfect friend
1 great & brave heart
2 sweet & soft voice
3 sharp & fast brain
4 cute & stupid smile
5 loving & caring
6 confident
7 attractive
8 deep connectivity
9 power of speaking truth
10 power of hearing lie about their self

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