Encourage Sms For Motivation

The hope, the struggle and the hard work towards a
Goal/ success is part of the rewards.
Achieving goal itself is not the whole reward……..

Life has no rewinds, and no forwards,
It unfolds at its own pace so never miss a chance to live today,
And make a beautiful story for tomorrow

When god closes a door, he opens a window…
But at times he shuts both, worry not for he would tear down the roof…
So his blessings could overflow. Good luck and god bless!

My coach encourages open discussion,
My former manager encouraged “do as i say,
Not as i do.

Do ordinary 4 god,
He will do extraordinary 4 u.
Do natural 4 god,
He will do supernatural 4 u.
Do possible 4 god,
He’ll do what is impossible 4 u.

Our role is to have created more
When we leave than was there
When we came…more money for others to
Continue to live on and
More memories of smiles of who we
Were with our spirit for when we leave.

Jesus asked me how much i love him so i spread my arms and said “this much”.
I asked god how much he loves me, he spread his arms n died 4 me…

People need to have the incentive that if they invest and succeed,
They can make a fair profit. Otherwise they’ll stop investing.

Good bye is a little word,
That causes so much pain,
The friend you hold now,
Might never meet you again.
So never say bye always say meet u again…

Where success st time seems so hard to get, Its nice to see that now Your dream path is set, congratulations..

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