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Smile in ease smile in pain smile when trouble pore like rain Smile whn someone hert ur fellings smiles you know are very hailng

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Life gives us answers in 3 ways…
It says.. Yes.. And gives us sumthing gud..
It says.. No… And gives us sumthing better..
It says… Wait… And gives u best!

Nice persons r lik wind,u nevr know whts in their heart,
U can only feel their presence n sincerity,
Dont luk around 2 find them, just luk in d mirror.

Full stop is not a real end,
Because we can form a sentence after that.
Like that in life,
Failure is not the real end,
It is the real beginning of success.

Forget your failures but remember the reasons for failures and
Observe that should not be repeated again.

Instead of giving myself reasons why i can’t,
I give myself reasons why i can.

Happiness keeps u sweet,
Trials keep u strong,
Sorrow keeps u human,
Failure keeps u humble,
Success keeps u glowing,
But only belief keeps u going…..
Believe in everyone but trust in yourself

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.
Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. – Carl Jung

Every teardrop is precious so better
Make sure that if you drop some,
Its worth crying for ’cause you can never
Pick them and put them back to your eyes. Love wisely!

Each time there is a news story,
Sometimes that gives ideas to people
Who then turn into criminals. – Nicolas Sarkozy

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