Happy Daughter’s Day Sms

A daughter is Gods way of saying
May you have a happy life ahead
She understands and she cares
Motherhood is a path to tread
Happy Daughter’s Day.

Daughter is a beautiful part of you
Magical, mysterious and always new
Lets celebrate and have a blast today
Wish you a happy Daughter’s Day

Daughters are an inseparable part of you
They understand and truly care
Thanks my girl for growing so mature
Thanks for always being there
Happy Daughter’s Day.

Dream and wishes will come true
Hope and a new dawn will be waiting for you
Be yourself, say what you feel
Your existence is a big deal
Happy Daughter’s Day.

Hopes for a bright future
Blessings for a new tomorrow
May life be a wonderland
May there be no pain or sorrow
Happy Daughter’s Day my love.

I am lucky to have a daughter like you
Loving caring and understanding too
You have changed my life for good
Thanks for this cheerful mood
Happy Daughter’s Day

I cherish the moment I held you in my arms
Your innocent face and cute little charms
Thanks darling for coming my way
Wish you a happy Daughter’s Day.

When I look at your eyes
Everything seems worth
Oh dear daughter
Thanks for taking birth
Happy Daughter’s Day

Moments of joy, days of fun
Feels like we have just begun
Oh dear daughter you make me so proud
Happy Daughter’s Day, I say clear and loud.

My darling baby, its your day
So let me know, what’s the plan today
Lets live this day and make it worth
You made my life, by taking birth
Happy Daughter’s Day.

My little girl as you grow up
I want you to know
You have made my life beautiful
And I really love you so
Happy Daughter’s Day.

Daughters are loving, daughters are kind
A beautiful heart, a thoughtful mind
You are my star, I am proud to say
Wish you a Happy Daughter’s Day.

When you smile, my world brightens
When you’re around, I need none
Thanks for being a wonderful daughter
Thanks for making life so much fun
Happy Daughters Day

With each passing day you have evolved
As a more beautiful individual.
And on Daughter’s day I want you to know
How much I am proud of you!

You are an angel of God sent to me to bless my life for eternity.
Thanks for coming my way.
Happy Daughter’s Day

When daughters grow up they become your guide
Thanks for always being
By my side.
Happy Daughter’s Day.

You make us proud everyday
In your own special unique way
You’ve filled our hearts with love and smile
We shall protect you, every mile….
Happy Daughter’s Day

This LIFE has no existence
without a strong ally in WOMAN
In every stage of life starting from
Motherhood to Wife, Sister & finally a DAUGHTER.
Happy Daughter’s Day

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