Cool SMS

Hi, keep messaging me and win exciting prizes,
1st-lots of love,
2nd-life time friendship,
3rd-free stay in my heart,
Offer valid till i m alive….

A lovely star dropped on earth one night.
Asked me you want a million dollar or a good friend?
I had to choose million dollars because, i already have you…

I feel happy.
Do u know y?
Coz i’m lucky
U know y?
Coz god loves me
U know how?
Coz god send me a wonderful friend
U know who?
Its u!!!

If i had one last wish before i die
My last wish would be that,
You will never cry

Never play with the feelings of others.
Because you may win the game.
But the risk is that you will surely loose
The person for life time.

U want and u get that is luck,
U want and u wait that is time,
U want but u compromise that is life
And u want but u sacrifice that is love

I love u

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