Cool SMS

God has given us
Real eyes to
Realize the
Real lies
Think twice and act wise.

Butterflies dont know
In what color their wings r
But human eyes know how nice-it is.
Likewise u dont knw how sweet u r
But i know how special u r 2 me!

A race between love and friendship.
Who will win….?
None of them.
You know why….?
Because friendship always compromises
And love always sacrifices.

Just go to hell
Yes you
U only !
Because only you can change
Hell into heaven by your sweetness.!
I’ll live till you are friend of mine!!

When you give your heart when time comes for you to give your heart to someone,
Make sure you select someone who will never break your heart,
Because broken hearts has never spare parts. Write on bricks

Doctor’s prescription 4 u.
A cute little smile 4 breakfast.
More laughs 4 lunch.
Lots of happiness for dinner.
Doctor’s fee? An sms when u r free.

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