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Never Reject Anybody In Your Life, Because Good Person Gives Us Happiness And Bad Person Gives Us Experience.

Never Search Your Happiness In Other As That Will Make U Feel Alone Search That In Yourself, You Will Feel Happy Even When You Are Left Alone Proud To Be Single.

Never Tired Of Doing Little Things For Others, Because Sometimes Those Little Things Occupy The Biggest Part In Their Hearts.

No Candle Looses Any Of It Light While Lighting Up Another Candle, So Never Stop Helping Others Because It Makes Your Life More Meaningful.

Not every flower can represent love but roses did it.
Not every tree can stand thirst, but cactus did it.
Not every monkey can read SMS but hey you just did!
Enjoy your day, and dont forget to smile!

Nothing Happens Without A Reason. A Person Who Has Come Into Your Life Has Come Either To Teach You Something Or To Learn Something From You.

Nothing is bad but it might have been worse.

There is nothing impossible in the world
every thing is possible only you should
remove the word of
from your mind dictionary.

One Simple Tip To Stay Happy… Never Think About The Third Person And Never Thinks What The Third Person Thinks About You.

Only A Lovable Person Can Feel Your Silent Pain And Will Hold Your Hand Till You Become Strong Again Don’t Leave Your Lovable Person Who Feels Your Pain.

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