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Let him who will not have advice have conflict.

Many receive advice but the wise profit from it.

Like a thief reason sneaked in and sat amongst the lovers eager to give them advice. They were unwilling to listen, so reason kissed their feet and went on its way.

Listen to all plucking a feather from every passing goose but follow no one absolutely.

Many receive advice, only the wise profit from it.

Many a man wins glory for prudence by seeking advice then seeking advice as to what advice would be best to take and finally following appetite.

Many receive advice, only the wise profit by it.

Men give away nothing so liberally as their advice.

Men of much depth of mind can bear a great deal of counsel; for it does not easily deface their own character, nor render their purposes indistinct.

Most people who ask for advice from others have already resolved to act as it pleases them.

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