Advice SMS

When You Are Right No One Remembers, But When You Are Wrong No One Forgets.

When You Like Someone Deeply, Misunderstanding Arises But Don’t Feel For It Because Some Misunderstanding Needed For Good Understanding.

When you long for something, it means you love it.

When You Love Your Parents Its Equal To Good, When You Love Your Friends Its Equal To Truthfulness, But When You Love Yourself Its Equal To Confidence.

Whenever You Share The Goodness In Your Heart,
You Always End Up Winning Hearts Because Life As An Echo;
It Gives Back What You Have Given.

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.

Which Is The Longest Word In English? Smiles Because There Is A Mile Gap Between S And S. All It Joins Million Of Heart, So Keep On Smiling.

Who agree like bell; they want nothing but hanging.

Women’s heart is soft but if it becomes hard, a diamond also cannot stand it.

Words and hearts should be handle with care
because words when spoken
and hearts when broken
are the hardest thing to repair.

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