10 Sms For Advice

Always be the reason
of someone’s HAPPINESS
never b just a part of it.
Be a part of someone’s SADNESS
never be the reason for it.

Always Be The Reason Of Someone’s Happiness And Never Be Just A Part Of It.
Be A Part Of Someone’s Sadness But Never Be The Reason For It.

Always have a unique character like SALT,
It’s presence is not felt
but it’s ABSENCE makes all things TASTELESS

Always take extra care of three things in LIFE.
1. TRUST..
BCOZ they dont make noise when dey BREAK.

An Arrow Can Be Sent Only By Dragging It Back,
So When Life Is Dragging You Back With Difficult,
It Means That It Is Going To Launch You Into Victory.

ANGER & HAPPINESS r complimentary
Make your Anger so expensive so that on ONE can afford it.
& Make your Happiness so cheap that people get it free.

Anger is a short madness. Don’t allow it to ruin longstanding reations.

ANGER is only one letter shorter than DANGER.

Anyone can luv a rose,
but its a great deal 2 luv a leaf.
Don’t luv sum one who is beautiful,
but luv one who can make your life beautiful.

Argument wins the situation but loses the person.
So never argue with your loved ones;
Bcos the situation is not important than Ur loved ones.

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