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Happy New Year Sms In Hindi

मुबारक हो आपको नया साल
विश यू ए … वैरी हैप्पी न्यू इयर

नया साल आया बनकर उजाला;
आनेवाला हर दिन लाये खुशियों का त्यौहार,
इस उम्मीद का साथ आओ भूलके सारे गम
न्यू इयर को हम सब करें वेलकम!

खुल जाए आपकी किस्मत का ताला;
हमेशा आप पर मेहरबान रहे ऊपर वाला;
यही दुआ करता है आपका ये चाहने वाला!
नया साल मुबारक

इस साल का सारे सपने पूरे हो आपके.
कमियाबी चूमती रहे तेरे कदम
नया साल मुबारक हो तुझे मेरे यार

जैसे जैसे नया साल खिलता जाए, आशा है आपकी सारी इच्छाएं पूरी होती जाए। नए साल की ढेरों शुभकामनाएं!!

आशा है जीवन की छोटी छोटी खुशियों के जश्न मनाने और आनंद लेने का अवसर मिले। नया साल मुबारक!!

उम्मीद है आपका नया साल और आगे आने वाला समय बेहतरीन हो। नया साल मुबारक!!

आने वाले साल में आपको नई उम्मीदें, इच्छाएं और इरादें मिले ऐसी आशा है। नया साल मुबारक हो!!

पूरे साल आपको सुख, शांति और सदभाव मिले। आपका नया साल मंगलमय हो!!

आने वाले साल में आपको अच्छी सेहत, खुशियां और आनंद मिले। नया साल मुबारक!!

Good Morning SMS

Smile & be happy and let that happiness spread everywhere you go. Life is beautiful. Good Morning

Keep your attitude like a king
and Ego like a Slave,
and build your dynasty of happiness and success
Good Morning

Stay positive
the things you’re waiting and hoping for,
tend to arrive at the most unexpected moments.
Good morning

Yesterday is for memories
Tomorrow is an imagination
But today is real gift
have a pleasant day.
Good Morning

True success in life
is not measured by how much you make,
but by how of a difference you make.
Good Morning

Respect is the most important element of our personality.
It like an investment,
whatever we give to others,
it will return to us with profit ….
Good morning

A simple formula for happy life.
Never try to defeat anyone,
Just try to win everyone,
Don’t laugh at anyone
but laugh with everyone.
Good Morning

Live your life and forget your age.
What matters most is how you see yourself .
Keep smiling !!
Be happy !!

Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.

Every morning is a blank canvas..
it is whatever you make out of it.
Good morning

Lovely Sms Of Love

You’ve the flair to always keep love in the air.

Your love reaches my deepest depths and counters my weirdest fears. Love you.

Your love is highly visual, I see it enacting in my dreams. Love you!

People who can love this intensely are rare, your giving your all is rarest of the rare. Love you!

Your love simply seeks love, never an explanation, awesome!

My love is totally dependent on your private patronage, keep doing the honors.

Not that we don’t spar but, love is always the winner. Love you my love.

I can’t live without oxygen and your love, you are my oxygen, keep it flowing.

Hahaha, with you I am always ready, always ready for love.

Your hugs are toast to your warmth and understanding. Love you!

Birthday SMS

I pray you have all the finest
And Best things in life,
And all your dreams comes true. Amen!
Happy Birthday My Love

May you enjoy your birthday with all the pleasures it has in store… Just because I care for you, I feel that you should have more! Happy birthday to you!

Kisses and hugs for the most wonderful person I’ve ever met.
Happy Birthday!

Friends may come and go but sisters should always be around. Happy Birthday.

Thanks for being a great sister and understanding me, although I have never quite understood you. Happy Birthday.

Our parents made us siblings, we became friends on our own. Happy Birthday Sis.

Sisters share too many emotions together – joy, laughter, jealousy, happiness, anger, dreams and togetherness and these make them the truest friends of all. Happy Birthday Dear Sister!

You are the best sister that I have ever had. Even in my imagination. Happy Birthday.

Cool Text SMS Collection

In life when you get troubles,
Don’t get nervous…
Just close your eyes and follow ur heart…
B’coz heart may be in left….
But it is always right

A beautiful thought.
Always learn the wisdom of compromise,
Its better to bend a little
Rather than
To break any relation forever.

If you see some one without a smile,give him one of yours,
Because you are among a few good people who can shine
Others lives by just walking with him a few miles.

Thought for the day
Always be the reason of someone’s happiness never just a part of it.
Be a part of someone’s sadness never the reason for it.

If you’re too analytical,
You’ll miss the miracle.
If you’re too literal,
You’ll miss the joke.
Being too skeptical kills the fun.
Being open-minded opens doors to a happier life..

I m going to give fresh flowers 4 u and 4 ur loving
Thoughts and prayers to make u lighter and brighter.

My hand never pain
When typing msg for u,
But my heart always pain
When there is no reply from u….!

In the rythm of life,
We sometimes find ourselves out of tune,
But as long as there are friends like you to provide,
The melody,
The music plays on.

Never change your originality
For the sake of others.
Because no one can play your role
Better than you.
So be yourself.
You are the best.

Our life begins with our cry…
Our life ends with other’s cry…
Utilize this gap & laugh
As much as possible between these cries…
Keep smiling.