Birthday SMS

Birthday Sms

On your birthday
I thought of sending you flowers
Then thought of writing you a poetry
Send you a box of chocolates or
Take you out for a candle light dinner
Actually I can give you all of these
If I get a birthday treat

Happy Birthday Anyways

May your sun shine even brighter.
May your step seem even mighter.
May your smile strech even wider.
May your dreams reach even higher.
May you have a birthday that is never been finer.

I’m so blessed 2 have a friend like u
this comes with many loving
thoughts & warm wishes
i send 2 u, may ur day be filled
with laughter, on this special day
may the finest things in life
always come ur way happy birthday

Happy birthday 2 u, happy birthday 2 u! u were born in d zoo’ u were born in d zoo’ with d monkeys ‘n donkeys dats looks just like u!

It must have been a rainy day
when you were born,
but it wasn’t really rain,
the sky was crying because
it lost his most beautiful angel…
happy birthday dear friend

Birthdays are 4 fun
Enjoy a sticky bun
I’m glad u r my mate
Hope ur birthdays great.

In soft gleaming of stars….
may all ur dreams come true,
may evry star of every night bring love and joy to you
Happy Birthday …….

Happy birthday to you,
Even though i wish it earlier i dun cared.
Dun forget bout our friendship, that we’ve shared.

Some things r left undone,
some words r left unsaid,
some feelings are left unexpressed,
but some ones as nice as you
could never be left unwished,

happy birth day to u!

Some people like sunday,
Some people like monday,
However i just like only one day,
Its your birthday?Happy Birthday!

Birthday Messages

While thinking fro your birthday present I decided birthday cake will loose the taste, even the baloon wil deflate, the birthday flower will wither too and a pretty will not last long, But the Birthday Wishes will keep multiplying each day. So I decided to send you wishes this Birthday…… HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Wishing you TIME to enjoy the gifts of each day
LAUGHTER to help meet life’s many challenges
FRIENDS to share your joy
DREAMS to keep you going
Wishing you HAPPINESS through all the seasons of your life


As we make wishes on your birthday
May your life be as sweet as a birthday cake
As stedy as time and as dreamy as a fairytale
May the coming year bring your special dreams come true.

We decided to make this your biggest birthday ever!
We ordered the biggest cake we could find!
To deliver this cake to you we had to have a dinosaur
Haul it out of the jungle
Ship it accross the ocean
Fly it over mountain
And have it hauled halfway across the country
But we got it there
Well….OK….maybe it wasn’t quite that big!


As fresh as the white of the pearl,
As vibrant as the brilliant yellow of the rose,
May your birthday brings you bright new promises
of many more Rainbows yet to Unfold

H A P P Y — B I R T H D A Y

Fondly thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you LOADS OF LUCK and hoping, that each day of the coming year, brings for you BRIGHT MOMENTS and wonder ful opportunities and may the moments, that you spend with your dear ones, add on to your treasure-chest of SWEET MEMORIES………. HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY

May your special day…
Surrounded with happiness,
Filled with laughter,
Wrapped with pleasure,
Brightened with fun,
Blessed with love,
Remembered with joy,
…and enriched with hopes.


On this special day delight in the joys that are little
Sometimes unexpected too and that bring in sweet surprises
Delight in the life that’s so beautiful
Sending your way warm wishes on your Birthday.

Thinking special thoughts of you because your birthday is here and wishing you a lovely day that starts a joyous year, May each and every moment be bright and happy one from when you first awake today until the day is done.


Birthday is a time
To pause and celebrate the year…
To refresh your memories of happy time…
And look forward to new hopes and joys…
Here’s wishing you a special day of joy and celebration,
A day you’ll cherish every moment of

Have a wonderful Birthday

Birthday Wishes Messages

Bring to your mind the best of moments which we have shared together.

Bring to your face the best of smiles we had put while sharing silly jokes.

Bring to heart the best of emotions often shared between us.

Bring to eyes the best of joy we had while seeing each other.


Friends are Hidden Treasures who come out like rainbows after a storm to brighten our days in their special kind of way. Friendship is a gift we are lucky to receive. Its precious and priceless. Friendship is something we all need. It can’t be traded in, borrowed or sold… “Friendship is Forever”. Sending warm wishes on your birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

A SMILE on your FACE
A Spring in your STEP
A SONG in your HEART
Joys to hold Dear
Loved once to hold near
Moments to cherish
all through the year

Wishing you a Birthday that is a true celebration of the Heart.

We have Instant Coffee.
We have Instant Food.
We have Instant success.
We have instant love.
NOW ……

We Need an Instant Party from you


When I woke this morning, I ran to the window and peeked outside to remind the sun that today is a special day your birthday and he smiled and promised to shine on you all day long, no matter where are you – Have a great B’Day.

To a friend who is so caring, so special and lovable, so thoughtful and understanding, wishing you bunches of love and happiness …….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

I always wait for your birthday to come.
I love to sparkles in your eyes when you light the CANDLES.
I love to see the smile on your face broadening, as you cut the CAKE.
I love to see you enjoying so much, as you celebrate your BIRTHDAY.
That’s why I always wait for your birthday to come…..


May your heart be light
May your dreams take flight
May happiness hover from morning till night
Cake with candles, gifts and friends
Hope the party never ends!!

Like a rainbow, you bring color to ordinary places.
Like a sunset, you add brilliance.
Like a river, you know the way.
Like the patience of the forests, you wait for your dreams to grow
and like a special flower in the garden you grow stronger and more beautiful each day.


A birthday is a great celebration, May you have lots of fun…
A birthday is a special day to spend, may you have a wonderful one…
A birthday is a time of warm wishes, so here’s for you, a whole bunch.

Birthday Wishes Sms

A smile is a curve that
Sets everything straight
And wipes wrinkle away
Hope u share a lots and
Receive a lots 4 days 2 come
Happy Birthday…

If kisses were rain I would send u showers,
If fun was time I would send u hrs,
If u needed a friend I would send u me!
*Happy Birthday To You Sweetheart*

It must have been a rainy day
When you were born,
But it wasn’t really rain,
The sky was crying because
It lost his most beautiful angel…
Happy Birthday dear friend.

Its a nice feeling when you know
That someone likes you,
Someone thinks about you,
Someone needs you;
But it feels much better when
You know that someone
Never ever forgets your birthday.

U r so beautiful my love 4u will always b true,
Here’s a wish 4 my darling�
May all your dreams come true
I wish u a very Happy Birthday.
With lots of love and kisses�
From a heart that beats�
Just 4 you by me.

Lovely msg for a Lovely Person
From Lovely Friend
For a Lovely Reason
At a Lovely Time
From a Lovely Mind
In a Lovely Mood
In a Lovely Style
To wish you
Have a Lovely �Birthday�

Some people like Sunday,
Some people like Monday,
However I just like only one day,
Its your birthday? Happy Birthday!

Don’t just count the years that you will celebrate today,
Count the friends you’ve made and joys you’ve known along the way.
Count your special talent and the interests you pursue,
Count the stars you have wished on and the dreams you’ve seen come true.
May you count your years by memories of the joys along life’s way,
Good friends you’ve made, kind things you’ve done so thoughtfully eachday.
And the joy you’ve brought to others be returned to you to brighten each coming day the whole year through.


Today is your birthday
A day to be a star
A day to be in wonderland and show how special you are.
A year of fun and happiness is my birthday wish for you.
You are someone special and your birthday should be too.


Together we have shared our dreams.
We have argued and we have disagreed.
And Today! realized how special a friend you’ve been to me
And you will always remain a precious part of me.


Birthday Messages

Every day is a blessing,
but some days
are better than the rest-
days when God’s
warmth and love
touches everything
with sunshine..
And I hope your birthday
is one of those
blessed and beautiful days
full of happiness,
a day to inspire dreams.

For your birthday,
I’ll send you a gift
that money can’t buy.
I wish you love,
courage, and strength
faith and wisdom.
and a day of happiness
and peace,
beneath the sun,
and lasting contentment
when the day is done.

Hey, u r 1 year older now,
1 year smarter now,
1 year bigger now,
and now u r 1 year closer,
to all your wishes.
Happy Bday!

Someone as special as you,
who always thinks of others,
who is true to her heart
and dedicated to her family,
deserves a wonderful birthday.
I hope your birthday is the best ever,
a memorable time that you’ll always look
back on fondly.
May the day bring you as
much beauty as a garden full
of pink roses in bloom,
and inspire hope for tomorrow.
Happy Birthday..!

Wishing u 12 months of HAPPINESS
52 weeks of FUN
365 days of LAUGHTER
8760 hours of GOODLUCK
525600 minutes of JOY
31536000 seconds of SUCCESS.

Look Outside.
It’s so pleasant!
Sun Smiling For U�
Trees Dancing for U�
Birds singing for U�
Because I requested them all
to wish U Happy Birthday!

I hope ur birthday is golden,
Without a worry or a care.
I hope U have beautiful dreams
& find happiness everywhere.
I’m sorry that I can’t be there
2 celebrate with U,
But though there’s much distance between us,
I’ll be thinking of U all day,
& wishing U a wonderful &
memorable day.
Many birthday blessings 2 U!

Happy birthday, dear..!
I hope that u’ll have a great day
& that u’ll be surrounded by ur loved 1s.
May all ur wishes come true
& that u’ll always be happy.
The eyes R the mirror of ur soul
& the most essential things in life
R only visible through ur heart
& I know that ur soul & ur heart,
reflect how special U really R!

Wake up happy�
Chase a cloud�
Laugh out loud�
Whistle a tune�
Whisper a promise�
Savor a memory�
Make it a gr8 day�

May you have all the joy your heart can hold,
All the smiles a day can bring,
All the blessings a life can unfold,
May you have Gods best in everything.
Wishing u a Happy Birthday

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