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15 Text Sms Of Birthday

As I spread my arms and look at the expanse of the sea,
I find myself blessed and father you are the key.

The love and the guidance that you gave me dear dad,
It made me a stronger human and I am really glad.

To have someone like you to lead me through the way,
May you scintillate and shimmer all through the day.

Sometimes I sit and think
What life would have been,
Without you to share it with.
There were deepest of secrets,
That I shared with you dear sister;
You gave a meaning to every dream
I cherished and wished to accomplish,
You were there to make me laugh and smile,
And add a meaning to everything I do,
Just as the leaves without the morning dew,
My life would have been dull without you.

On your birthday dear sister
All I want to say is this,
That I feel really lucky
To have a sister like you.

You have been there with me
To add a sunshine to the dull days,
You have been there with me
To add a smile to my frowny days.

You have been there to support me
When I found it difficult to stand,
You have been there with me
Always with a helping hand.

For all this and much more
I wish a happy day for you,
And more than this dear sister
A blessed life through and through.

I never knew what love was,
Till the day I met you.

I never knew what a kiss was,
Till the day I really blew it to you.

I never knew what a hug was,
Till I gave it to you.

I never new what ‘forever’ meant,
Till I meant it for you.

Sending you love on your birthday

Its your birthday dear love
So sending you a wish;
That is sealed with a kiss.
Sending you a warm hug,
And a teddy bear to tug.
All this I am doing
To let you know dear love,
That you are someone special
And very close to my heart,
With you by my side
My day gets a beautiful kickstart.

Happy Birthday dear sweetheart

Your birthday gives me a chance dear friend,
To let know that you will be special till the end.

It gives me a chance to shower extra love and care,
Send you loads of luck and offer a prayer.

I wish a birthday thats the best ever,
You will be in my heart today and forever.

Wishing you a very happy birthday

You have been my guiding angel
Leading me through and through,
You have been forever there for me
With a heart that sticks to me like glue.

Your gentle eyes always sees
When I am in some deep pain,
You have been there to push dark clouds
And bring some tranquilizing rain.

For all this and much more
I wish you a day thats lucky,
I wish you all the love and joy
And a birthday thats simply lovely.

Happy Birthday Mother

On this very special day
Sending a special prayer your way,
May you get more gifts to open
Then the stars in the sky.
May your wishes get the wings,
To soar in the clouds and fly high.
May your cake be sweeter than honey
May your day be bright and sunny.
May you have lots of candles to blow,
With happiness and radiance may your life glow.

On this very special day
We might be miles apart,
But in every thought and wish
You are the closest to my heart.

As you cut the birthday cake
And the candles that you blow,
May your life tinkle with golden shimmer
That adds a special glow.

Loving wishes are sent your way,
To wish you a delighted day.

As you cut your birthday cake,
And have a chocolate shake.

May your friend and family surround you,
And every dream you wish come true.

May your day be adorned with glittering stars,
And honey surprises like candy filled jars.

Its your day to make some merry,
And a day to eat the birthday cherry.
Its your day to have special fun,
And dance underneath the golden sun.
Its your day to be filled with glee,
And to go on a shopping spree.
Its your birthday dear friend,
Have fun and joy till the day ends.

Its your birthday dear friend,
And it gives me a chance
To let you know,
What you mean to me.
You have been there with me,
Through every thick and thin,
With love, joy and laughter
May your day begin.
May everything thats bright and beautiful
Be a part of your special day,
May everything that you wish upon
Be laid for you on your way.

From morning till the night,
May everything be beautiful and bright.
May God send the angels your way,
And you have an amazing birthday in every single way.
May sweet and lovely surprises awaits your day,
And you be blessed thats what I pray.

A birthday is just the right time
To sit, pause and think,
The value that we have added to life
And not just eat, merry and drink.

A birthday is just the right time
To reflect our good and bad deeds,
A time to make our hearts ready
To help those who are in real needs.

A birthday is just the right time
To realize the purpose of living,
Its not just to make merry
But realize the joy of giving.

As I woke up today in the morning
I realized something was special,
The sun was shinning with a brilliance today
And the chirping birds looked merrier.
I wondered what made the day so exciting,
What made my heart so happier,
And then it took me seconds to realize;
It was your birthday that made it special.
The day God sent an angel to earth,
In her own unique charm and style,
The day He gifted me with a friend so lovely
Who is sweet, caring and bubbly.
Sending birthday wishes dear friend

10 Text Sms Of Boss Birthday

For me, it’s been a wonderful opportunity to work with you on your team. Have a great birthday, boss!

Happy birthday to the best-ever boss! Wishing you the fortitude to accomplish your goals and the vision to inspire us to achieve ours.

Happy birthday to an amazing boss and an even more amazing individual!

Only our best birthday wishes for a magnificent boss like you, someone who knows exactly how to inspires us to greatness!

Wishing you a wonderful birthday! We, your team, owe you more than we can ever repay you for your pillar of strength and inspiring leadership!

Happy birthday to a boss who can transform even the hardest of days into a rewarding, fulfilling experience!

Happy Birthday to you and all the best for yet another great year in your professional and personal life!

I never thought I’d put it in writing but I look forward to Mondays! That’s because of you! You’re the best boss ever! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, boss! Your special day is special to us. You’re special to us…as an incredible boss and an even more incredible friend.

Have a wonderful birthday, boss! We think you’re a wonderful person, a wonderful mentor and a wonderful friend.

Boss Birthday Messages

Let’s raise a toast to your health and success. Many happy returns of the day!

Wishing a very happy birthday to the world’s best boss.

It’s nice to work with someone who knows the secrets of success and is a good manager as well. Happy Birthday Boss!

Happy birthday to the very special boss, who is always so energetic and fun loving.

A boss, who you can look up to, is very rare to find. Wishing you a healthy and happy life on your birthday!

Your birthday calls for a grand celebration. May you have many more such wonderful birthdays

Let’s get the party going. It’s your birthday and you deserve to have a ball, Boss.

Happy birthday! Thanks for being such a wonderful leader and a great mentor.

Happy birthday boss! Wishing you good luck for all our future endeavors.

Happy Birthday to you, boss. May you get all your wishes but one – so you always have something to strive for!

Boss Birthday Text Sms

May there be many more successful years in your life! Happy Birthday, Boss!

Happy Birthday Boss,
keep up the good work.

It has been a pleasure to work with you, Sir. Happy Birthday!

May you have a fun filled day and all your dreams come true!

You as a leader have always inspired us to give our best. Wishing you loads of happiness on your birthday.

You have been a brilliant boss and a wonderful mentor. I’d always cherish your advice. Happy birthday!

You are not only a good boss but also a great person. Have a brilliant birthday!

Success wouldn’t have been easy without your expert guidance and leadership.
Wishing you loads of fun on your birthday!

It’s your birthday boss. So, we have only one agenda today – celebration!

Today is your day to take a break from deadlines and meetings. Happy Birthday!

Boss Birthday SMS

Your good karma makes working here good karma for others. You’re great! Happy Birthday Boss!

Being a great boss that you are
You have surely guided us in every step of life.
Thanks for your support and guidance Sir
It means a lot
Happy Birthday Boss
Stay Blesses in life!

Happy Birthday
you have been through ups and downs,
Sunshine and rain.
Once again, today is the day to celebrate
milestones in your life.
You are an exemplary person and I am glade to tell you this
Happy Birthday Boss.

You are worthy of respect and admiration.
Always full of, energy and motivation in tough times, you’ve cut us some slack.
As a Boss, we know you’ve always got our backs.

May you have another year of good times and great accomplishments. Here’s to the boss!

Our success is only a reflection of how you’ve molded us to be the best workers this side of the universe.Happy Birthday Boss!

Work is so much fun with a leader like you.
Warm wishes for a Happy Birthday

Wishing you a stress free and joyous Birthday, dear boss!And all the best for another great year

I wish you happiness and success in whatever you do!
Happy Birthday to you!

I really appreciate your helpful and motivating nature
You are an excellent Boss with a generous heart.
Happy Birthday!