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Do not count what u have lost..
Just see what u have now,
because past never comes back
but sometimes future can give
u back ur lost things…

Door Knocks Twice.
Insider Asks:Who’s There?
Ans : Its Me
Insider : U R Wrong.
B’coz OPPORTUNITY Never Knocks Twice.
Remember it !!

People Don’t CHANGE When You Tell Them A Better OPTION,
They CHANGE When There Is No OPTION…!!

Treasure Every Moment That You’ve. . .
Yesterday Is A History. . .
Tomorrow Is A Mystery. . .
Today Is A Gift…
That’s Why It’s Called PRESENT.. :->

Every One Is Good To U. .
Till U Expect Nothing From Them..
U R Too Good To Them. .
Only Till U Fulfill Their Expectations..

Respect Those People Who Find Time 4 U In Their Time Table.
Love Those Who Don’t Consult Their Time Tables When U Need Them.

Some Time in our Life we Play with LOVE.
When the Time comes and you Finally Realize that You want to get Serious,
Then LOVE Plays with Ur Life.

A Strong & Positive Attitude Creates More Miracles Than Any Other Thing
Life Is
10% How You Make It
90% How You Take It.

It is not enough to do ur BEST ?
You must know
What to do
Then do your BEST ??

In Walk Of Life
Don’t Worry Of People Moving Ahead Of U . .
Take Ur Own Time,
But Once U R Ready To Run,
Make Sure U R The Best Of All . . . . . . .

Greatness Isn’t Found In
Possessions .. Power .. Position or Prestige ..
It’s Discovered In
Goodness .. Humility .. Service and Character ..
Power .. Position or Prestige ..

Today’s new paper is tomorrow’s waste paper
Life is a test paper friendship is the best paper
Don’t waste it like a tissue paper

You Cannot Finish The Book Of Life
Without Closing It’s Chapters
If You Want To Go On …
You Have To Leave The Past As You Turn The Pages …

It’s a delight to discover People who are worthy of
Its vital to believe yourself deserving of these Things..

Good thoughts kills the stress before it kill you,
Help every one before some one help you,
You live the life before it leave you,
Reach the GOAL before some one kick you.

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