Valentine’s Day SMS

If you have loved someone secretly, then Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to bare your heart and let that special someone know how special they really are. While there are millions of time-tested ways to proclaim your love to your beloved, using quotations to articulate how you feel is a great decision. Try using a few of the following Valentine’s Day Sayings to express your feelings.

If you are single, then Valentine’s Day may not be greatest time of the year for you. Seeing other people celebrating their love can make one a tad envious. However, don’t be let down. Lift your sagging spirits by reading these valentine’s quotes and by dreaming of your own happily-ever-after.

I miss the laughs I used to get from you, I miss the talks we used to have. And above all,
I just miss YOU!
Happy Valentines Day

my day start with ur name and my day stop with ur name
i cant hold my self just thinking about u that how much i love you, if you wanna know about this.just search my self in ur heart.

Did u know tears can b sometime more special then smiles, coz smile can be given 4 everyone but tears are shed 4 only those v don’t want 2 loose.

LOVE never says who r u b/c love knows u r mine,love never asks where do u live b/c love knows u live in

my heart,Love never says what do u do b/c love knows u play with emotions,love never asks do u love me b/c love knows “I LOVE U”

Every time you admire the wonderful things GOD has made, remember u r one of them, wonderful inside & out. U r blessed! U r special and u r loved. I love u.

My silence. doesn’t mean. I forget you. my disappearance doesn’t mean. I don’t care about you. because you are always. in my heart…my dear

Think of me, you know that I’d be with you if I could, I’ll come around to see you once in a while or if I ever need a reason to smile, And spend the night if you think I should… Happy Valentine’s Day!

May this Valentine’s Day be filled with love, understanding, and contentment as you journey through life with those you hold dear

Ur my strength, My love, My heart.Ur loving touch I long 4 so much,Ur voice so softly that whispers I’m ur 4ever b mine my baby \”I LOVE U\”

You brighten my day with the sound of your voice, you bring so much laughter and love, you are everything to me and I was so blessed when god sent you here for me.Happy Valentines Day

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