Happy Valentine’s Day Messages

You are the love of my life. I said it. I meant it And I’ll forever stand by it.

I love every aspect of you; but I love us more.

I never believed in Valentine’s day until I met you and finally knew how to celebrate a daily of love.

Be with me, because you finish my thoughts better than I ever do.

You can celebrate love each day but celebrating Valentines day with you makes my year so special.

Two hearts became one when you said to me that “I am the One”

Never did my heart skip a beat till I saw you getting on your knees.

I never knew how God destined us to meet but falling in love with a stranger is sweet indeed.

You showed me love like no one would, you made me laugh like no one would, you made me new like no one would.

You make me complete and your whisper makes my heart always skip a beat.

Behold my Valentine because you are going to be forever mine.

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