10 Sms Of Valentine’s Day For Him

It’s already hard to find a person to fall in love with! So, now that I have found you I’ll not let you go.

I was soul searching before I found it in your eyes.

A kiss is a man’s creation to seal the deal of love.

Love is like a candle that burns itself to give glow and warmth to others.

Love is the greatest creation of God. He filled our hearts with it so that we can appreciate the true beauty of His creation.

Sending lots of kisses and hugs your way so that you don’t feel lonely during the day.

You are the luckiest when you are being loved and I thank my stars for giving you to me. Happy Valentine’s Day

Love gives you the strength to see rays of hope even during the darkest hours of life.

Ever since I met you, my heart only beats for you and my mind only thinks of you.

I have written a love story without an end. I want you to become a part of my life to give it a beautiful conclusion.

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