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The greatest comforts and lasting peace are obtained, when one eradicates selfishness from within.
~ Guru Gobind Singh Ji
Happy Baisakhi!

Singh Surmey Guru Gobind Singh de Pyaare;
Sikhi de Sitarey Khalse di Dhan Zindagi,
Jina Sheesh Vi Dharam Utton Varey!
Happy Baisakhi!

May the divine Waheguru bless you with joy, love, happiness, contentment and eternal peace!
Happy Baisakhi!

May you have a bountiful harvest of love, happiness, peace, joy and prosperity! Happy Baisakhi!

The Guru gave the surname of ‘Singh'(Lion) to every Sikh and also took the name for Himself. From Guru Gobind Rai, he became Guru Gobind Singh. He also pronounced that all Sikh women embody royalty, and gave them the surname ‘Kaur'(Princess).
Congrats on the birth anniversary of Khalsa – Happy Baisakhi!

With the distinct Khalsa identity and consciousness of purity, Guru Gobind Singh gave all Sikhs the opportunity to live lives of courage, sacrifice and equality.
On this festival of Baisakhi, may the Guru bless you to practice His teachings!
Happy Baisakhi!

The constitution of the Panj Pyaare during Baiskahi of 1699 was Guru Gobind Singh’s dream to eliminate the anomalies caused by the caste system. As a result, among the original Panj Pyare, there was:
One Khatri, shopkeeper;
One Jat, farmer;
One Chhimba, calico printer/tailor;
One Ghumar, water-carrier; and
One Nai, a barber.
Let’s reiterate to follow the principle of equality advocated by our Guru, during the pious occasion of Baisakhi!

On the day of Baisakhi in the year 1699, Guru Gobind Singh offered 5 emblems of purity and courage known as Five Ks:
Kesh – the unshorn hair
Kangha – the wooden comb
Kara – the iron (or steel) bracelet
Kirpan – the sword and
Kashara – the underwear.
By being identifiable, no Sikh could never hide behind cowardice again.
May the Guru give you courage and strength to fight the evil and stand always by truth!
Happy Baisakhi!

May the enlighter of the world, the divine Guru bless you with comfort and happiness. And may He bestow upon you a life that is happy in each and every way!
Happy Baisakhi!

On this joyous occasion, may Waheguru accept your good deeds and reward your actions by filling your life with all the bounties of nature!
Happy Baisakhi!

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