Teddy Bear Day Wishes Text SMS

Love me Love ma teddy bear,
Kiss me kiss me ma teddy bear,
Hug me hug me ma teddy bear,
Happy Teddy Bear Day!

I am sending a teddy to you.
Love my teddy bear, kiss my,
Teddy bear, hug my teddy bear,
Keep that teddy carefully,
Because teddy has.
My Heart Happy Teddy Day!

To be always with you,
A life with you, I Hope, I Dream,
To be always with you, how wonderful,
It does seem. Happy Teddy Bear Day!

On teddy bear day, we think,
Of people who have cheered and,
Encouraged us, who go out of,
Their way to be kind and caring,
Who have enriched our lives just,
By being themselves.
You are such a person.
I’m so happy you’re…
My Love Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Teddy bear day is a day,
Of love it’s a day when,
You find your true love,
A day of hearts and yummy,
Candies a day when cupid,
Hits you with a love arrow,
A day when you find your teddy bear,
Will you be mine.

The soft cuddly teddy
Is there to show,
I will always be there,
This you should know,
Happy Teddy Day!

A cute teddy bear,
To my cute friend,
On a cute occasions,
Just to say,
Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Without a bear,
A bedroom without a teddy,
Is like a face without a smile.
Happy Teddy Bear Day!

By gifting you this teddy,
I want to show you I’m ready that,
To make you mine and fill my life,
With sunshine!
( ‘ O ‘ )
I love you…
Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Special gift on special,
Teddy Bear Day!
For special come one.
( ‘ O ‘ )
Happy Teddy Bear Day to You!

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