Teacher’s Day Text Messages

To his/her students
A teacher is always true!
We are fortunate to have a teacher
As wonderful loving and caring as you!
Happy Teachers Day!

Teacher is a person who always helps
his/her students gain knowledge and stands
beside them when they have problems.
Thanks for being there!
Happy Teachers Day!

The Award for best teacher Has been declared And it goes to You!!!!!
Happy Teachers Day!

When it comes to teaching
No one can compete with you.
Happy Teachers Day!

Thanks for being a true mentor of our hearts.
Thanks for making us what we are today.
Happy Teachers Day!

You are bestest Teacher in this world
I will always remember that
I had an excellent guide
In the form of a teacher – You
Happy Teachers Day!

I found guidance, friendship, discipline
and love, everything, in one person. And
that person is you (name of your teacher)
Happy Teachers Day!

Without you, we would have been lost.
Thank you teacher for guiding us, inspiring us
And making us what we are today.
Happy Teachers Day!

We will always be thankful to you
For all the hard work and efforts
You have put in, for educating us.
Happy Teachers Day!

You are not only our teacher
You are our friend, philosopher and guide
All molded into one person
We will always be grateful for your support
Happy Teachers Day!

They help us strive for goals,
They give us model roles,
They are such superb souls,
That help sprout student-poles
Happy Teacher Day..

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