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Care is sweetest form of love.when someone says take care it really
means that u will stay in their heart till its last beat.So Take Care of yourself always………..

When an angel came to me, he asked:
“What is your wish for tonight?”
I said “Please take care of the person
who’s reading this message.”

“Response” is one of the powerful weapons
to occupy a place in others ‘HEART’. . .
So, Always give response to who cares For You..!

Before YOU came in my life,
i just need Food, Water & Oxygen to live.
But now including these,
i need 2 more things to be alive.
They are YOUR LOVE & CARE!!!

True care cannot be expressed in words, it can be expressed only through possessiveness and anger when you get close to others.. Take Care Dear

You mean a lot to me and so does your Health and Happiness.
So Here’s a wish to say & Take good care of Yourself !

Friendship is a language spoken by heart…
Not written on paper, not given by pledge…
It is a promise renewed every time we keep in touch…
Take Care…

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