10 Sms Of Sorry

I just wanted to say I am extreamly sorry. Please forgive me!

If you are going to do something tonight that
You’ll be sorry for tomorrow morning, sleep late.
I’m sorry to be smiling every time you’re near.
I’m sorry my eyes twinkle whenever you’re here.
I’m sorry I love you.
I can’t help it.

I am sorry, I know I hurt you by my miss behaviour, please give me one chance to prove me. Forgive me.

I am sorry to hurt your feelings, my love,
I should have kept my promises as I had told you.
But I don’t know the reason why I did wrong to you.
If you feel that, I had hurt you by rude words.
Then please forgive me and accept my sorry.
I never meant to hurt you.

I am extremely sorry for hurting your emotions and feelings. Please forgive me, my sweetheart.

Sorry, I mess up;
Sorry, I’m not perfect;
Sorry, I hurt you sometimes;
Sorry, I sometimes cry because I’m afraid of losing you!

Dear Dar,
I’m sorry I am not able to spend this day with you.
But guess what, I am sending you lots of warm hugs,
Kissed and an unlimited supply of love for eternity.

Remember the awesome times we had to spend together, and the dream of the beautiful future.
I am sorry dear if I hurt you.

Hey I am sorry,
What you think, I want to say.
S – Someone
O – One is
R – Really
R – Remembering
Y – You
Have a beautiful day!

I have made some mistakes…
You can hit me,
Scold me or even torture me.
But I’m sorry and
I would do anything to make up for it.

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