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Encourage Text Messages

In times of difficulty some ppl breakdown….
Some ppl break records….
Leaders r born in difficulty not in comfort zones…..!!!

Every thing is good to you if you see good.
Every day is better to you if you feel good
Every task is best to you if you do good.

Its not the possession of good things which bring happiness
It is the ability to enjoy what comes.
Happiness is an aptitude.

I hope i have encouraged people in business to
Expand the way they make sense of human behavior. – Malcolm Gladwell

A brand for a company is like
A reputation for a person.
You earn reputation by trying
To do hard things well. – Jeff Bezos

If colombus had turned back,
No one would have blamed him.
Of course no one would have remembered him as well.

Lucky people get opportunities brave people create opportunities and
Winners r those whoconverts problems into opportunities

A real friend not only goes with u anywhere u go,
But also remembers u no matter how busy they are,
And takes the time to say…. Hi friend!!!

Every time you suppress some part of
Yourself or allow others to play you small,
You are in essence ignoring the owner’s manual your
Creator gave you and destroying your design. – Oprah Winfrey

If people never did silly things,
Nothing intelligent would ever get done.

Encourage SMS

The difference between a successful person and
Others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of
Knowledge rather lack of will.

Life is too short. So, follow some rules:
Forgive quickly,
Believe slowly,
Love truly,
Laugh loudly &
Never avoid anything that makes u smile…

Action is a great restorer and builder of confidence.
Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear.
Perhaps the action you take will be successful;
Perhaps different action or adjustments will have to follow.
But any action is better than no action at all. – norman vincent peale

Love like a mother care like a father smile like a child.
Work like an ant. Try like a spider.

A smile is a language even a baby understands.
It costs nothing but it creates much.
It happens in a flash but the memory
Of it may last forever. Keep on smiling!

In life, we may not always get what we want…
We may not always get what we need…
But we should always get what we deserve.

Listen to the desires of your children.
Encourage them and then give them the autonomy
To make their own decision. – denis waitley

There are things known, and there are things unknown.and in between are the doors.

Sometimes in life we tend to run so fast that we don’t
Notice god running with us. We only notice him when we fall,
Yet he stops, carries us and says, “finish the race my child.”

It looks good to see someone at the top as your aim.
But it look best to see others seeing at the top as their aim.

Encourage Text SMS

Great opportunities to help others seldom come,
But small ones surround us every day.

Those who speak most of illness have illness,
Those who speak most of prosperity have it..etc.. – rhonda byrne

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities!
Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your
Own powers you cannot be successful or happy. – norman vincent peale

Love n death r 2 uninvited guests,
When they wil come noboby knows,
But both do the same work….
One takes heart and the other takes its beats…

When i send u sms it does’nt mean u have 2 do the same..
U can also send cash,
So start from2day

Give children encouragement,
They will gain confidence,
They will perform better. – m. K. Soni

Drop the idea that you are atlas
Carrying the world on your shoulders.
The world would go on even without you.
Don’t take yourself so seriously. – norman vincent peale

Life is all about a card game.
Choosing the right cards is not in our hand.
But playing well with the cards in hand, determines our success

Flatter me, and i may not believe you.
Criticize me, and i may not like you.
Ignore me, and i may not forgive you.
Encourage me, and i may not forget you. – william arthur

If u want to succeed in ur life:
Be sweet as honey
Be regular as clock
Be fresh as rose
Be soft as tissue
Be strong as rock
Be smart as me

Encourage SMS

Often we stand at lifes crossroads & view,
What we think is the end. But a true frnd tells
“relax dude, itz just a bend & not the end”.

Congrats.. Ur hard work has actually paid off.
And it has brought about a realization that sincerity,
Devotion & faith are the real keys to sucess. Keep it up…

Have the determination of a mirror,
Which never loses its ability to reflect
In spite of it being broken into pieces.
Keep shining…. Always.:-)

Whatever you are by nature, keep to it, never desert your line of talent.
Be what nature intended you for and you for sure will succeed.insha’allah

There are high spots in all of our lives and
Most of them have come about
Through encouragement from someone else.
I don’t care how great,
How famous or successful a man or woman may be,
Each hungers for applause. – george m adams

The lord will change all our defeat into a path for new blessings.
Do not think that failure can push us down.
Instead it will be changed into a ladder of blessings.

Encourage SMS

Success is not permanent. And failure is not final.
So never stop working after success.
And never stop trying after failure.

Nothing is particularly hard,
As long as you divide it into small jobs. – henry ford

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do. – benjamin spock

Berlusconi’s advice to italians trying to escape poverty:
“do it my way and earn more money”. – silvio berlusconi

As a final incentive before giving up a difficult task,
Try to imagine it succeessfully accompliced by someone you voilently hate.

Still, we have to keep trying…
Keep preparing to step into the light.
I know that is your goal, and it is mine as well.
In this we are the same. – james twyman

It is especially important to encourage unorthodox thinking
When the situation is critical: at such moments every new word and
Fresh thought is more precious than gold. Indeed, people must not be
Deprived of the right to think their own thoughts. – boris yeltsin

It’s not how close or far we are today but
What matters is how much we value each other in our heart.
For me you’re heaven’s gift, a friend more valuable than anything else.

A man should never be appointed into
A managerial position if his vision focuses
On people’s weaknesses rather
Than on their strengths. – peter drucker

Mornins r reminders dat god loves u!
Ur not just given another day to enjoy
But a chance to right d wrong of yesterday. Gud am! >0<