Happy Republic Day Text Sms

Happy Republic Day!
May the God shower His choicest blessings upon this great nation!

This Republic Day let’s make a promise that no one stays hungry, uneducated and without health services.

Sweetness of Bengal,
colors of Gujarat,
beauty of Kashmir,
and the culture of Kerala.

This is one nation that is great from north to south and from east to west!

Let’s not forget that it has cost us three hundred years of struggle to earn freedom. It is time to rise and stand for our beliefs.

Never let us forget
never let us be shy,
Let’s make the flag of the nation
fly very high.

Lets forget all our differences and rifts. It’s time to come together to celebrate the Republic Day.

May our country proper and continue to progress, on Republic Day let us resolve to work for India in earnest!

Let’s admire the heroes who were determined to give us a republic India, Hope you too achieve everything with courage and faith in yourself.
Happy Republic Day!

Let’s uphold the spirit of peace, liberty, and fraternity this Republic Day and always

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