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Marriage must constantly fight against a monster which devours everything: routine. – honore de balzac

Never strike your wife – even with a flower. – hindu proverb

The marriage state, with or without the affection suitable to it, is the completest image of heaven and hell we are capable of receiving in this life. – richard steele, the spectator

Always listen to your wife. She gives you sound advice…. 99% sound and 1% advice.

A good marriage is a contest of generosity.
Diane Sawyer

Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate. – barnett r. Brickner

Men should keep their eyes wide open before marriage, and half-shut afterwards. – madeleine de scudery

Getting a dog is like getting married. It teaches you to be less self-centered, to accept sudden, surprising outbursts of affection, and not to be upset by a few scratches on your car.

There is a proverb. “as you have made your bed, so you must lie in
It, ” which is simply a lie. If i have made my bed uncomfortable, please god, i
Will make it again.
G.k. chesterson

The most effective
Way 2 remember
Ur wife’s birthday
Is 2 forget it once.

The reason they’re called the opposite sex is because every time you think you have your wife fooled – it’s just the opposite! – walter winchell

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