Nice Love Text Messages

Anyone can catch your eye,but it takes someone special to catch our heart.

It was not love at first sight; it is love at every sight.

I wish that there were more ways to say how much I Love You!

Our love is a journey that does have a beginning but no end at all. I’m ready to be with you throughout!

Wherever I go, the warmest place is always in your arms. Love you, sweetheart!

My love, when you are away, the precious memories we share brighten my days. Love you, forever!

You are the twinkle in my eyes and the light in my smile, You mean the world to me. Love You, darling!

I don’t want to set the world on fire; I would just like to start a flame in your heart. Love you always!

You have always been there for me, trying your best to make me smile and cheer every moment we have shared together. Thanks for understanding me!

Thank you for the lovely memories of yesterday, the happiness you give me today and the promises you have made for tomorrow. Love You, sweetie!

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