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Destiny Is No Matter Of Chance,
It Is A Matter Of Choice,
It Is Not A Thing To Be Waited For,
It Is A Thing To Be Achieved.

We work for making better 2moro!
But wen 2moro comes, Instead of Enjoying We again start thinking for better 2moro!
So lets Enjoy Today!

Having God in Ur Boat doesn’t mean that You’ll not face any storm!
But it means that no storm can sink Ur Boat!
Walk in faith n you’ll never walk alone!!

If u wait to b happy, You’ll wait forever!
But if u start to b happy, you’ll b happy forever!

Life can be happier & stress-free if we remember 1 simple thought! We can’t have all that we desire! But God will give us all that we deserve!

The 4 Look-
‘Look’ Back and get Experience,’Look’ Forward and see Hope !
‘Look’ Around and find Reality !
‘Look’ Within and find confidence !

When there is a confusion between your heart and mind, don’t listen to your mind because mind knows everything but your heart knows only U.

When God takes away something from Ur hands don’t think he’s punishing u. He’s just leaving u empty handed to receive something better.

Tackle life with all Ur skills
Overcome each and every hill
If u persist with all Ur will
U will enjoy Ur life and all its thrills.

Life gives u answers in 3 ways.
It says..
And gives u something good.
It says..
And gives u something better.
It says..
And gives u best.

Be more concerned with your character
than with your reputation.
Your character is what you really are
while your reputation is merely what others think you are.

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