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Life is a game of cards , u did not invent it nor did u form the rules,u hav no control overthe cards dealt to u but u r there to play
A good player even with a badband of cards will play well and emerge a winner a bad player even with best of cards will play badly and lose.
How r u playing it?

The tragedy of life is some what like this. . .
Just when we get all the answers of life. . .
Life changes the question’. . . . .

Smile a while and while you smile, smile another smile and soon there will be miles and miles of smile just because you smiled, i wish your day is full of smile .

Never compromises ur values & beliefs,
Even if it means
Risking riddicule and rejection
Be true to urself
Live ur own life
& don’t allow others
To decide what’s best for u
If u do, u’ll b unhappy
B’coz u’re untrue to urself . . .

There is a garden in her face,
Where roses and white lilies blow;
A heavenly paradise is that place,
Wherein all pleasant fruits do grow.
There cherries grow that none may buy,
Till cherry ripe themselves do cry

Luck is not in your hand
Work is in your hand;
Luck never makes your work
Work can make your luck.
So always trust in yourself..

Life is sacred.
Celebrate life.
Care for others
Share whatever you have with those less fortunate than you
For the whole world belong to you …

Most of the important things in the world
Have been accomplished by people
Who have kept on trying
When there seemed to be no hope at all.

Our eyes are placed
In front
It is more important
To look ahead
To look back …

The fear of death
Follows from
The fear of life…
A man who lives
Fully is prepared
To die at any time…!!!

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