10 Amazing Sms Of Inspirational

I do not wish to treat friendships daintily, but with the roughest courage. When they are real, they are not glass threads or frost-work, but the solidest thing we know.

Bright be the road u r walking,
Light be the load u r carrying,
Sweet be the home u r staying,
Happy be the day u r foreseeing

Never get discouraged in first few attempts….
It is often the last key in the bounch that opens the lock…!!

Failure is simply the opportunity
To begin again,
This time more intelligently.

Have a magical affect
Before which
Difficulties disappear
And obstacles vanish.

Always think positive
Expect less
Be happy
Never stop untill goal is achieved
Definitely all the years ahead you will spend happily !!

People spend a lifetime searching for happiness; looking for peace.
They chase idle dreams, addictions, religions, even other people,
Hoping to fill the emptiness that plagues them.
The irony is that the only place they ever needed to search was
Within themselves.

Do not make your aim like the garden
Because everyone walk on it
But make your aim like
The sky so everyone
Wish to touch it.

This is the reason why mothers are more devoted to their children than fathers: it is that they suffer more in giving them birth and are more certain that they are their own.

I believe that …
Every right implies a
Every opportunity an
Every possession a
Duty …

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