Holi Text Messages

Red for Prosperity
Blue for Longevity
Green for Happiness
Orange for Progress
Pink for Friendship
White for Peace
May you be blessed with all the shades of Holi!

Aaj Barish Mein Tere Sang Nahana Hai,
Sapna Ye Mera Kitna Suhana Hai,
Barish Ki Boondein Gire Tere Honthon Pe,
Unhe Apne Honthon Se Uthana Hai!
Happy Holi!

May your life be transformed by all the beautiful
C: Charming
O: Organic
L: Loving
O: Outstanding
U: Utopian
R: Romantic
S: Scintillating colours
of life!
Happy Holi!

H: Happy Holi which is
O: Over-joyous and full of
L: Love and
I: Intimacy!

Dear FB and Whatsapp Friends,
May your life and your social networks are filled with vibrant colours of life at all times!
Happy Holi!

Rapturous Red
Glorious Gold
Soothing Silver
Pretty Purple
Blissful Blue
Gargantuan Green
I wish you and all family members – the most colourful Holi!

Wives are like the colours of Holi.
In the beginning, they look good but eventually they turn black and are hardly pleasant.
Happy Holi!

May God gift you all:
The colours of joy;
The colours of life;
The colours of love;
The colours of happiness;
The colours of friendship;
And all other colors you want to paint in your life.
Happy Holi!

Don’t be suprised with sudden rains.
Relax guys, it’s just Rajinikanth testing his pichkari for upcoming Holi!
Happy Holi!

I may not put colors on your face on this colourful festival;
But I’m praying God to add more colours in your beautiful life.
Happy Holi!

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