10 Sms Of Good Afternoon

There are no mistakes, No coincidences, All events are blessings given to us to learn, A journey of a thousand miles started with only one step. Good Afternoon!

The times we distributed is like shooting star, The time is short but really beautiful moments, Forever engraved in our hearts, Friends forever & Good after Noon!

My wishes will always be with you, Morning wish to make you feel fresh, Afternoon wish to accompany you, Evening wish to refresh you, Night wish to comfort you with sleep, Good Afternoon Dear!

Life is a magic, The beauty of life is next second, Which hides thousands of secrets. I wish every second will be wonderful in your life. Good Afternoon!

My beautiful SMS traveled over My Room, Roads, Buildings, Towers, Rivers, Lakes, Plants… Cloud and finally reached your mobile just to wish you. Good Afternoon!

If your eyes are sweet you would like all people in the world. But if your tongue is sweet all people in the world will like you. Good Afternoon!

Pleasant friendship is like the breathing air, You will never see it… But you will always feel its presence. Good Afternoon!

My wishes will make possible the following – The person reading this smshad a good morning, Just enjoying a good afternoon, Will have the best evening, Must have a sweet night! Have a charming & graceful noon! Good Afternoon!

As you climb the ladder of success, Check occasionally to make sure It is leaning against the right wall. Good Afternoon and Good Day!

On the path of success always lies big O’s, Many read them as Obstacles, Only few read them as Opportunities. Attitude matters a lot. So always be positive. Good Afternoon!

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