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Everyone hears what you say… Friends listen to what you say… Best friends listen to what you don’t say…

A friend is sweet gift an emotional lift, a heart healer, a mood chiller, a gem so rare.

Making a million friends is not an art, but the real art is to make a friend who will stand with u when millions are against u.

My Friendship means
a little heart that never hates, a cute smile that never fades, a smooth touch that never shakes & a strong relationship that never breaks.

Painting is feeling, never spoil it, Face is a book, try to read it, Love is precious, b ready to sacrifice for it,
and Friendship is like a mirror, never break it.

In the cookie of life, Friends r the chocolate chips that make life sweet, surprising and yummy. thanks for being one of the yummy choc chip of my life.

I m not Shakespeare to write about you. I m not Shelley to sing for u. I m not Picasso to paint u. I m your friend who just want to say I m always with u.

friendship doesn’t occur with special people but people become special after being friends. I don’t know what I’m to u but u’ll always be special for me

Few people r like rainbow in your life, who fill your life with colors, I’m very lucky to have u as my Rainbow Friend always fill my life with your love and care.

Do u know the relation between your two eyes? they blink together, they move together, they cry together, they see things together, and they sleep together. even though they never see each other. Friendship should be just like that.

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