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If u r a chocolate u r the sweetest,
If u r a Teddy Bear u r the most huggable,
If u are a Star u r the Brightest,
And since u r my “FRIEND” u r the “BEST”!

We met it was Luck! We talked it was CHANCE! We became friends it was DESTINY! We are still friends it is FAITH! We will always be friends its a PROMISE!

Faith makes life possible. Hope makes life workable. Love makes life beautiful. A friend makes life meaningful.. *good morning*

What makes a frindship special is the way each one remembers the other when they are apart. They miss the talks, the laughs n the time they spent together. Life changes, memories don’t. I miss U.

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather is one of those things that give value to survival.”

A friend is like a book that has to be read to appreciate its beauty. As such, you’re one of the finest books ever written. How I wish you could be reprinted

A friend loves at all times.”

In a Pot,
There were 10 Fishes,
One died,and the Water
Level increased- How?
How?? Think Little???
With the tears of 9 fishes.
Thats ……,.

Advice from your friends in like the weather, some of it is good, some of it is bad.

Our friendship means a lot to me.
U cry i cry. U lauf i lauf.
U jump out of the window…
I look down & then… i laugh again

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