10 Text Sms For Friendship

When you’re down, i’ll be there to cheer you up. When you’re tired, i’ll be there to lift you up. I’ll be your friend no matter what!

FRIENDSHIP is like a tree… It is not MEASURED on how TALL it could be, but is on how DEEP the ROOTS HAVE GROWN

Roses are pink
As pink as your lips
Stars are bright
As bright as your eyes
Apples are red
As red as your cheeks
Snow is white
As white as your teeth
Dew is fresh
As fresh as your face
Night is black
As black as your hair
Breeze is soft
As soft as your voice
Dawn is warm
As warm as your touch
The sky is beautiful
As beautiful as you
And the world is good
As good as your heart
So i m lucky u r my friend

Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends.
Cindy Lew

Is not complete without “U”
& FR-ENDSH-P will never complete without “I”
So “U” &”I’ have to be there forever if u want
HUM TUM 2 Be Good Friend…

Friends are like street lights,
Along the road, they don’t
Make the distance any shorter
But they light up the path
Make the walk worthwhile.
Thanks for being my friend.

My Dear Friend.
I Promise Today,
No Matter what,
Through all of lifes,
Changes we’ll always,
Be Friends,Like we are,
Today .

The best time of ur life
Are those when u say
“YES” i m fine,
& u know that
Someone would look into your eyes
& say “ENOUGH,now tell the truth!”

One tree can start a forest, one smile can start a friendship. One touch can show you care, one friend can make life worth living for.

Nice friends r gifts not easily gained. It roots from one’s heart & involves memories that stay.. Not 4 a moment, Not 4 a day, but FOREVER

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