10 Text Sms For Friendship

Wat is frndshp? U fight abt d
Smallest things in lyf wen u r
2gethr n miss those very smallest things
Wen u r torn apart by tym..

It would be easier to cut off my hand than lost you as my friend.”

A friend is who forgives b4 u say sorry,
Understands u wen u say i forget,
Waits forever wen u say 1 min,
Stays wit u wen u say leave me ALONE…
When you are counting all ur friends….
-the oldest
-the best &
-the new
I would like tostabd by your side & whisper two little words…..

True friends are rare to find
True friends are always very kind.
True friends are ornaments so beautiful
True friends always make us cheerful.
True friends are the work of perfection
True friends give us right direction
True friends always shine like moon
True friends are the greatest boon

Friends are like a head of hair. You might lose some, but with enough $money$ you can buy them back.

In this cruel world it is very difficult to find friend with beautiful heart, pure feelings, attractive personality & stylish looks. So learn to value me!

Friends are those with whom we feel comfortable enough to ‘think out loud.'”

Friendship is a strong and habitual inclination in two persons to promote the good and happiness of one another.”

My Frndshp is Lyk a Drug, 1ce u take it u cant avoid it,
Wen u dnt get it u r sick,
N wen u loose it u r destryd,
So beware of me n b my frnd 4evr.

Life is a railway station in which love is a train,It ll come & go at any time…But friendship is the track it ll be 4EVER..

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