Farewell Text Messages

Now and always I will love you, but it’s time that we part and say goodbye.

Even when you are saying goodbye make a promise to say hello again.

Gone with the wind yet so close to my heart. Maybe we have bid goodbye but it is only a new start.

Sometimes you realize how important people are in your life when you bid goodbye to them.

Parting at the end of a journey isn’t the most important part. It’s the journey that fills the hearts.

It is sometimes difficult to let go of but it is a wonderful feeling to know you are leaving us for a better future. May you excel in every field of your life.

I will always cherish the happy times I have spent with you. Whenever I need to smile I know I can look back to them. Hoping to see you soon. Good Bye!

My good bye should not make you sad as you are going to pursue something better. Hope God bestows you with success as you take a new path.

We wish you lots of success on your way. Sadly, we will not go this way together.

Your tear-stained face is the most painful memory of the time we parted.

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