Encourage Your Self

Every CHALLENGE That Comes in Front Of U is To MAKE U REALIZE How Many More ABILITIES & SKILLS U Have.

Confidence never comes if we have
all the answers, but it comes when we
r ready for all the questions..
Be bold to face the world..

Instead of focusing on big goals,focus on small goals.Small victories always lead to large ones.

Genius & Successful people Don’t Relax in Chairs,
They Relax in Work,
They Sleep with Dreams,
Awake with Determination & Commitment.

Success lies not in the “RESULT” but in the “EFFORT”.
Being the best is not important at all,doing the best is all that matters.

See the good in every1.
Be blind to the fault of others.
It brings peace in ur life.
Things won’t change!
Change the way u look at them!!!!!

No one will manufacture a lock without a key.
Similarly, God won’t give problems without solutions.
So defeat your problems with great confidence. Just Do It…

” Success isn’t key
to happiness…
happiness is the key
to success…..
keep yourself happy 2 be happy & successful…”

END is not end. In fact E.N.D. is Effort Never Dies. NO is not denial. N.O. is Next Opportunity. So, always be POSITIVE

Laugh so hard that
even sorrows smile at U!!!
Live Life so well that
even Death loves to see u Alive!!!
And Fight so hard that
even Fate accepts it’s Defeat!!!

Dreams gives rise to hope,hope inspire effort,effort result in success.so dream r root of success

When u r in troubles, don’t feel helpless.Don’t count upon others support. No 1 really would have the capacity to help u if u can’t help yourself

There is always a hope at an end. It depends on how u look at it.. as an endless hope.. or as an hopeless end.

The dream is not the thing which u see in sleep but it is the thing which does not allow u to sleep.

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