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In life, we seldom find a true person &
If you ever find one,hold on and never let go,
Value that person co’z its lyfs gifts worth keepin n holdin on.. Take care!!

Sweet fruits r nice 2 eat, sweet words r nice 2 say,
But sweet people r really hard 2 find. My goodness,
How the hell did u manage 2 find me

He who refuses to embrace a unique opportunity
Loses the prize as surely as if he had failed. – william james

Heart breakng isn’t always as loud as a bomb xplodng,
Sumtyms it can b as quiet as a feather falling….
And d most painful thng is no one really hears it xcept you..

When a door of happiness closes. Another opens.
But so often at times we look so long at da closed door..
That we do not see the 1 which has been opening at us

Always try to be first place winner becoz,
The second place winner is the first place looser

Never think of the past,it brings tears.
Never think of the future,it brings fears.
So,live life in the present and always happy.

People will be more impressed by the depth of your conviction than the height of your logic.

When you’re trying to create things that are new,
You have to be prepared to be on the edge of risk. – michael eisner

Smile! It will make u look better.
Pray, it will keep u strong. Love,
It will make u enjoy life.

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