Encourage SMS

If someone points out your mistake,
Be happy that at least someone is
Interested in what you have done …

If you fill your heart with regrets of
Yesterday and the worries of tomorrow,
You have no today to be thankful for.

Nothing is impossible,
If you plan,
Pay efforts.

As far as u think ‘not now’,
Succes bcoms ‘never’..
But as soon as u think ‘why not now’,
Success surely will become ‘yours’.!

Problems are just the distance between expection & reality.
Either expect less and accept reality r expect a lot and change it into realty.

Quality of humor doesnt depend on how funny or how corny our jokes mayb,
But w/ d principal objective of spreading joy in your smile,
In your mind, & in your heart

I found the secret of success in my room
The roof said – aim high
The fan said – be cool
The window said – take pains
The clock said – every minute is precious
The mirror said – reflect before you act
The calander said – be upto date
The door said – push…and
The lamp said – light the way for your future

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