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Anyone can escape into sleep, we are all geniuses when we dream, the butcher’s the poet’s equal there.

Anything worth having, is worth working hard for.

Art of living:
First of all,don’t make friends.
If made,don’t go close to them.
If gone,don’t like them.
If liked,then plz.. Don’t leave them.
Good Night, sweet dreams…

But still sometimes, when the wind is warm or the crickets sing, I dream of a love that even time will lie down and be still for.

But whether it be dream or truth, to do well is what matters. If it be truth, for truth’s sake. If not, then to gain friends for the time when we awaken.

Cause I’m dreaming of you tonight, till tomorrow, and for all of my life! And there’s nowhere in the world I’d rather be, than here in my room dreaming about you and me!

Channels are blocked in the mind, from the day. Lie down in blackness of night, forgotten remnants rush to the mind, or creeping slowly appear in the dreams.

Cherish your visions and your dreams. They are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.

Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Darkness, is your temporal circumstance,
Therefore it can’t shut-off your hope in the versioned brightness.

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