SMS For Diwali

This Diwali, may you be blessed with good fortune as long as Ganeshji’s trunk,
wealth and prosperity as big as his stomach,
Happiness as sweet as his sweets and may your trouble be as small as his mouse.
Happy Diwali

Sun glows for a day, Candle for an hour, Matchstick for a minute, But a wish can glow days forever,So here is my wish for glowing DIWALI, glowing life.

Day 4 victory of Ram over Ravana. When in Satya Yug, Ram killed tha great demon and king of Lanka, Ravana.
Lets celebrate together and believe in blessings of God for good.

help ever….hurt never….
love ever….hate never….
give ever…except never…
smile ever…cry never…
think me ever…forget me never
Happy Diwali

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Ignite the jyoti of Atma-gyan within and abate the spell of darkness. Let the glow your Atman fill you and the whole world as well with Peace, Happiness, Satisfaction and Health. Happy Diwali.

If I had a camera
I’ll snap ur every moment
every smile every memory n keep…in my….
kitchen to scare the mouse…
Have A Smiling Diwali!!

Happy Diwali SMS for family
No Gift,
No Sweet,
No Flower,
No Decorated card,
Just a simple Diwali wish but straight from the Heart.
Happy Diwali to u and ur family.

With my
1 heart
2 eyes
7 liter blood
206 bones
4.5 million red cells
60 trillion D N A”S…
All wishing you a very very

You got Diwali Greeting Card


Open this…

§ Deepavali §

Paying Respects To The Gods,
And Decorating For Them The Thali,
This Is What This Auspicious Occasion Is All About,
This Is The Spirit Of Deepavali.
Happy Diwali

Look Outside
It’s So Pleasant!
Smiling For you!
Dancing For you!
Singing For you!
Waiting For you!
Because I Ask them to Wish

May This Light of Happiness, Light Up Your Life
May This Deepawali Be the Most Sparkling & Lightening
The Sights & Sounds Filling Up Ur Heart Wit Joy & Happiness
Wishing you and your family a Happy Diwali

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