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Some friends forget
Some move away
Some keep silent
Some just change
But i’m not 1 of them.
I’m here just 4 two moments
.. Now & 4ever…!!:)

Morning is god’s way of saying:
“one more time! Live life.
Make a difference.
Touch 1 heart.
Encourage 1 mind.
Inspire 1 soul…”
Good morning.

If we both exchange one dollar,
We both have one dollar each.
But if we exchange one good thought,
We both have two good thougths.

See the clock only,
When you have no work.
But dont see the clock,
When you are working.

Living in favourable and unfavourable situation,
Is called part of living.
But smiling in all those situations,
Is called art of living.
So always be smiling.

I’m on a mission!
Mission to avoid you,
To forget you,
To not to talk to you,
To not to think about you anymore…
In short…
Mission impossible!!!

Some nice sayings:
1. Control your attitude, before it controls you…
2. The best vitamin for making friends is b1…
3. Your best friend is your own gumption…

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is mystery.
Today is a gift.
That is why it is called the
Live in the present and make
Your life beautiful today

When the time comes for you to give
Your heart to someone,
Make sure that u select someone who
Will never break your heart,
Coz broken hearts have no spare parts.

There is a saying
If you want to be great,
You must walk with great people.
I have no objection,
You can walk with me!

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