10 Text Sms Of Merry Christmas

A delightful, magical and awesome Christmas to you sweetheart because you are as special as the season.

Forget all your worries and be ready for every moment of joy this season – Merry Christmas

Christmas is all about dedication and happiness – Happy Christmas to you.

The biggest gift ever received this season is the gift of your heart – Merry Christmas.

The joy of Christmas abide with you always – yes to the end.

It’s the month of love and laughter, the season of carol and joy – Wishing you a blessed Christmas.

You are as special as the season; sweetheart Delightful, magical and awesome
Merry Christmas to you.

Happy birthday Jesus!

There is no Christmas without a gift, and you are a gift to me.

Loving Christmas wish is sent to you To make all dreams come true May happiness and mirth abound
And be yours throughout the year.

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